Movement and Enerchi is provided for you by Broad-minded an award winning business with a social conscious.  It’s primary focus is about providing Wellness Services to develop, express and inspire.

Core Focus

Our Wellness Services;

  • Professional Coaching – Focusing on Development and Wellness as well as Coaching for greater awareness and empowerment 
  • Wellness Services – Bespoke workshops/courses such as ‘Holding the Space’ which cover a variety of aspects, such as Movement and Enerchi, Mindfulness, Coaching for development and wellness, Intuitive Music making and Music for relaxation, Meditation etc
  • Movement and Enerchi – Movement and Enerchi to enhance your wellbeing whilst also improving your health and fitness.

The Bigger Picture

Broad-minded is also very much about The Bigger Picture and is based on a innovative concept centred around the solar system, with a view to all things evolving and thinking outside the box. 

“Using awareness, exploration, unity and positivity to be conscious, fulfil potential and be at peace”

This is the main philosophy behind the broader aspects of broad-minded.

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Movement and Enerchi is delivered for you by Broad-minded a Wellness Service
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