This was my first experience of Tai chi, the class involved gentle stretching and flowing movements, set to music. There was also aspects of Qi Gong and Yoga that combined and complimented well. The class was friendly, relaxed and fun! Suitable for all abilities and fitness levels. I left the class with an amazing sense of calm and balance.Lucy Cleland

“I enjoyed exploring all the different aspects of the workshop, especially Tai Chi, the gentle flow of the movements is so energizing. The workshop allowed me to be creative, the flow, mood and energy I felt was uplifting, it helped re-duce my stress levels and I felt calm and relaxed at the end.  I would recommend this type of class, as it caters for all levels and with the different movements it’s sure to be an enriching experience, a chance to improve your wellbeing and fitness.” Gillian D

The free style movements at the beginning was a brilliant way to open the workshop. The workshop helped me to become more conscious of where I hold tension in my body. After the workshop I found my toes gripping the ground a lot more as I walked along and a general improvement of my balance. A thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile workshop which I would highly recommend. When’s the next one?Peter Bligh

“I enjoyed the free movement and the feeling of a relaxed mind – a bit of “me” time. Would recommend anyone give it a go” Sandy S 

“I found the class to be mindful, inspirational and engaging. I felt very grounded, focused and gained a deep sense of awareness when performing the movements. The class had great variety from yoga, energy work, free style movement, cardio and relaxation at the end. Lee was enthusiastic, warm and encouraged us to be creative and have fun! I will be going to a Movement and Enerchi class again as it raised my spirit! I recommend this class for people who feel to explore something different and energising.” Andy M 

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