Movement and Enerchi

Mindful, Intuitive and Flowing movements delivering all aspects of Qi Gong, Yoga, Somatics and Freestyle Tai Chi to create your own forms

St Marys Handbridge Centre, Overleigh, Chester, CH4 7HL

Every Tuesday 7.30-8.30pm – £8.50 each or Block of 4 £30 (£7.50 each to be used over a 2 month period )

Please note there is no class on the May 28th

  • Daoist Flow Yoga – weaving Qi Gong into your yoga asanas for a mindful and dynamic feeling
  • Qi Gong and Tai Chi for co-ordination, energy and balance 
  • Inspiration from Martial Arts (non-contact) for artistry, cardio and stamina 
  • Somatics for a body felt and explorative experience 
  • Freestyle movements to improve intuition, creativity, flow and expression 
  • Mindful Mediative relaxation for the mind and body to reduce stress and be 

Qi Gong for Enerchi

A mindful and meditative Qi Gong based movement practice for energy cultivation and balance. Including Somatics, Freestyle Tai Chi and Meditation (Seated or Standing).

Beehive Healthcare, Chester – Thursday 10.30am-11.30am*

(*Please note from the 6th June class time is 11.45am-12.45pm on Thursdays

and there are no classes on the 30th May and 11th & 18th July)

£8.50 Drop in or a block of 4 for £30 (£7.50 each to be used over a 2 month period)

Intro Class £5

Qi Gong means energy cultivation and is a short form moving meditation similar to Tai Chi, though easier to learn. It principles come from Daoism and Chan Buddhism and it’s based around Chinese medicine, Martial Arts and Spirituality. The techniques practised are aimed at cultivating a healthy flow of Qi/Chi within the body’s organs and meridans (energy pathways). The Qi Gong movements used help balance out our energies with the same principles as Acupuncture in order to remove any blockages, stagnant, excess or deficient qi/energy.

These classes are for all and can in particular be useful for those with disabilities and conditions such as ME, CFS as well as Long Covid. The class can be taken seated and/or standing.

  • Dynamic and Intuitive Movements with flow and purpose to help with blood circulation and pressure
  • Breathing techniques to aid the respiratory system
  • Meditation for a calm mind and to aid the nervous system
  • Visualization and Intention, often linked to Nature to really feel embodied and present
  • Freestyle Tai Chi and Somatics to experience mindful movements with exploration to express and empower self

Movement and Enerchi – Online later in 2024

Available on Zoom – £6.50

Movement and Enerchi is delivered for you by Broad-minded a Wellness Service
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