• Incorporating Enerchi Yoga Flow for support, strength and suppleness 
  • Aspects of Qi Gong and Tai Chi for co-ordination, energy and balance
  • Some inspiration from Martial Arts (non-contact) for artistry, cardio and stamina 
  • Freestyle movements to improve intuition, creativity, flow and expression
  • Mindful Mediative relaxation for the mind and body to reduce stress and just be


– Warm up exercises and Chi Kung (Qi) movements


– Balance, strength and agility exercises


– Flowing movements to aid Chi, fluidity and creativity


Flexibility and mobility exercises to aid suppleness and movement. Most of the stretching will be less demanding than the example and can be tailored for you….


Flowing Freestyle – 1

– Intuitive, mindful flowing movements….


Flowing Freestyle – 2

More videos coming soon on instragram!

Breath – Flow – Be


At various stages of the workshop there will be a selected backdrop of music which will be in sync with the various movements in order to aid motivation and provide inspiration as you engage in the experience.

So expect ambient, earthy and atmospheric sounds for the warm up as well as the relaxation aspects of the session. For the cardio sections expect uplifting and melodic electronic music with an organic warmth and feeling. Also for the flowing and freestyle aspects there will be added ethereal sounds from the lovely tank drum that reverberates around the room to provide a sense of calm and artistry.

Music Example…..