Movement for Families

An intuitive, flowing and mindful movement session for families to bond together, involving Freeform Yoga, Somatics, Qi Gong and Freestyle Tai Chi.

These movement sessions are primary aligned for Neurodivergent children and their parents/guardians to explore, connect and express themselves through various movements. However, anyone is encouraged to come whom feels it will benefit their family. The style of movements and somatic teaching launguage will help with sensory needs, self-regulation. and becoming more embodied. Breathwork and Nature will be a common theme whilst expression, creativity and sound will be encouraged and explored through experimentation and imagination.

Music and Sound will also play an important role in the sessions and will be carefully selected to act as a sound journey. This will vary from calming atmospheric, ambient music to more uptempo and uplifting earthy/organic electronic music, often with elements of nature. Sounds of a healing essense will also be used, such as Therapeutic percussive instruments, Koshi Chimes, Frame drum, Singing bowls etc (You will require bringing a yoga mat, preferably two or more per family, though there will be lots of movements without the mat).

Places are limited so booking is essential, email